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elcome to Bloomsbury Wigs Hair Harvest website . As a company regularly dealing with vulnerable patients, anxious and distressed by their hair loss, we take immense satisfaction in restoring the confidence and self esteem of so many people.


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We are constantly in need of hair whether it being to repair wigs or to make wigs that can help people who suffer from hair loss. We feel that to buy direct from a person is more ethically responsible than to buy hair from a supplier in another country. By buying direct we know that the money we pay goes straight to the person who supplied us.

So if you are interested in selling your hair to us, there are two ways to proceed. You are more than welcome to go to your local hairdresser and tell them you are going to sell your hair and that you need a ponytail/ponytails cut off. It can be one ponytail at the back or various ponytails positioned around the scalp to get maximum length from the hair. We emphasize that the hair MUST BE EXTREMELY TIGHTLY SECURED IN A PONYTAIL/PONYTAILS as we need the hair to be root to tip perfect. We cannot accept loose hair. Please do not plait your ponytail(s), as we will need to assess them in their natural condition. You then send the hair to us by post.

Just place the hair in a plastic bag with your address, telephone number, email address and the full name of who you would like us to pay the cheque to (We can also pay by PAYPAL and prefer this for international payments). It will also help facilitate our dealing with your post by specifying on the envelope ‘Hair Harvest’ or ‘H.H.’  We will then value your hair and phone/email or text to let you know how much we are willing to pay for your hair. If you are not happy with the quote we will send your hair back to you. If you are willing to sell your hair for the amount we offer then we will send you the payment by cheque (or PAYPAL). Please allow up to 14 days for the cheque to arrive after your acceptance of our offer or up to 28 days from the receipt of your hair.

Please secure hair before cutting and send in a presentable form. Old hair can be accepted as hair does not decay quickly.

The following is a typical guide to the worth of your hair:
10-12 inches – £15 – £60
13-15 inches – £30 – £80 
16-18 inches – £50 – £150 
19 inches and above- £60 – £200

Please note that when making a wig, the hair is knotted, producing a three inches return hair, meaning that individual hair length must be greater than ten inches. For that reason, we cannot accept hair shorter than that or with too many layers, as the hair will not be long enough to produce a wig. Hair with too much split ends cannot be accepted either as the quality will not be good enough to make exceptional wigs for our clients. Also, if we have already had an excessive supply of a particular colour or texture, we would not be able to purchase more. Therefore, we have to say that some hair that doesn’t match up with our requirements will be returned.

Please note that the prices above refer to Caucasian or European hair. We do buy Asian hair although the prices achieved will be less.

Please note that we grade the hair received in terms of quality which accounts for the variation in price range. The total length of hair that you send to us may not reflect the price outlined above as we may need to cut off any part of the hair that is not of acceptable quality for making the wigs and hair pieces. Therefore, once we have processed and graded the hair, the length of hair that can be used will be valued for the price of your hair.

Please note that the weight of the hair is also important.

Last but not least, although we buy hair longer than 25 inches, please note that that factor will not lead to a significant increase of price for hair length above 25 inches, because generally speaking, our maximum wig length is 22 inches.

Minimum requirements for hair to be accepted:


Minimum 10” of usable hair (often the bottom 2-4 inches have to be cut of due to dryness and split ends)

Limited Exception

Hair cannot be too dry and/ or have too many layers (as this renders the hair unusable)


Dyed / processed/ curly / wet / plaited or braided hair can't be purchased


Hair must be securely tied in a ponytail


If hair DOES MEET the above requirements please send your hair in with the following details: Full Name, Contact Number, Address and the Name the cheque is to be payable to.
If your hair DOES NOT MEET the above requirements we will be unable to purchase your hair.

Please note that we value hair on the length of hair deemed usable, not nescissarily the length that is sent in.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact our hair harvesting department on 02074046040


The ponytail(s) must be tightly secured (e.g. using elastic band) . Loose hair will not be accepted.

We will assess and grade the hair by the length of hair that we can use to make our wigs and hair pieces for clients. We will also take into account the weight and provide you with the price quotation by phone.

E.g. If you send in your 14" ponytail to us by post, we assess the hair quality deemed suitable to use in making a wig.